The Science Behind Carb Blockers

Do They Really Work?

What's The Science Behind Carb Blockers?

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Carb Blockers containing White Kidney Bean Extract have become popular thanks to their many health benefits and substantial clinical data to back them. They are now one of the biggest health supplements in the country.

Carb Blockers work as a dual-action approach to weight loss. They prevent carbs from being broken down into sugars and stored as fat, while simultaneously working as a powerful appetite suppressant. Your body craves carbs, which is a nightmare for your dieting goals. Carb Blockers are the key to reducing your carb cravings while also addressing the issue of fat absorption. So, when a product comes along that will help you achieve your goals, then it makes sense to enjoy the benefits it provides. Why not?

Observed Benefits Of Carb Blockers

  • Reduces fat absorption*
  • Suppresses appetite*
  • Maintains blood sugar levels*
  • Maximizes weight loss effects*
  • Increases metabolism and boosts energy*

However, not all Carb Blocker products can produce these impressive results and help you reach your personal health goals. Make sure to choose a premium-quality product with 100% natural, scientifically-proven ingredients that is manufactured according to the highest modern standards.

Carb Blocker Supplements For Your Body

Carb Blockers For Weight Loss:*

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An often reviewed study on the effects of Carb Blockers on weight loss and fat reduction was published in The Journal of International Medical Research. The clinical trial was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted on 40 subjects consisting of both men and women aged 18 or over. They all had a body mass index (BMI) in the range of 27.5-39.0 kg/m2 but were otherwise healthy. The participants were randomly divided into two groups, one receiving the white kidney bean supplement, the other, a placebo. In addition, the participants did not make any changes to their diet or daily exercise habits.

The study lasted for 12 weeks and the participants were monitored for the duration of the study. For a full review of that clinical study please Click Here.

At the conclusion of the study, tests determined that taking a pure White Kidney Bean Extract will result in significant weight loss and BMI reduction.* In addition, none of the participants reported any side effects.

Chitosan For Weight Reduction:*

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A popular clinical study evaluating the efficacy and safety of Chitosan in reducing body weight without dietary restrictions was published in Nutrition Journal. This study was a randomized, multicenter, single-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted on 96 overweight or obese subjects for 90 days. The subjects were divided into an experimental group and a placebo group.

64 subjects received 500mg of chitosan five times a day, while 32 subjects received the placebo capsules. The participants were assessed on day 45 and day 90. For a full review of that clinical study, please Click Here.

Results showed that Chitosan was able to significantly reduce the mean body weight and improve body composition without any changes in dietary habits.* The Chitosan was also well tolerated by all the subjects.

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